To get Seagrass in Breakwaters, players will need to locate grass mounds along the beaches of the many islands featured throughout the game. When players find these grass mounds, they will need to break them by attacking them to get Seagrass. Destroying the grass mounds will drop Seagrass for players to pick.

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The Seagrass can then be used for many recipes in the game, such as axes and a Builder’s Table. We highly recommend making the Builder’s Table, as it’s used to make other items. Because of this, we recommend players make getting Seagrass for creating the table a top priority.

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Building the table will cost a total of eight Seagrass plants and ten tree branches. You can get the branches by chopping down trees with or without an axe. We recommend getting an axe, as it will take a bit longer without one. That said, you can make an axe with one hardened shell, two sticks, and five Seagrasses.

You can gather everything you need by destroying bushes, killing crabs, and finding the grass mounds we mentioned earlier. After gathering everything, you will be ready to make a Builder’s Table with branches.

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