There are many items, weapons, and equipment in Naraka: Bladepoint. These are found while exploring the map and can be looted. Some of these are environmental items that do not show up on the map and so can be difficult to find.

One of these items is Salak. This fruit can be found on short trees that are about the character’s height and can be recognized by their red color and the prompt that appears when the player is near. Typically these bushes can be found within settlements near buildings or by taller trees scattered throughout the map.

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Upon consuming a Salak, the player will receive enhanced defense for 120 seconds. This can come in handy when battling another player as it will reduce the damage taken. Unfortunately, the player is unable to pick up Salak and place it in their inventory.

Once you have consumed a Salak, a blue aura will appear around your character. This lets you know that you still benefit from the buff provided by the fruit as well as a gold icon next to the player’s name. Not only can Salak stack with one another, it can stack with other buffs from other environmental objects.

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