Survival is one of the primary goals in Soaring Pixels Games action-adventure game Breakwaters. To do so, you will need to manage your thirst, hunger, and build both tools and shelter. One of the first tools you will need to build is a hardened shell axe. To do so, you will need hardened shells. You might be wondering where to get hardened shells.

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The answer is from crabs. Upon killing a crab, it will drop materials, one of which is hardened shells. These are useful for crafting all manner of things but especially tools. Without a hardened shell axe, you won’t be able to progress very far. So you will need to get some hardened shells as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately for you, crabs won’t just give up their shells without a fight. You will need to combat them and kill them. They will attack you in the process. At first, you will have to use your fists or sticks to fight them which might take a while. They don’t deal much damage though so you shouldn’t worry.

Hitting them can be tricky as they are low to the ground. We found success by looking down and swinging. At the start, you will trade blows, but once you craft better weapons you can knock them back or into the air which will make farming hardened shells easier.

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