Genshin Impact version 2.6 has arrived. With it comes two limited character banners, one for the brand new Kamisato Ayato, and one for Venti’s second rerun. For those looking to pull for the Windborne Bard, you might have considered using his signature weapon, Elegy for the End. You may be wondering how you can obtain the weapon for Venti or your other bow users.

Elegy for the End is a limited 5-Star weapon. This means that it can only be obtained from the Limited Weapon Event Wish. This can be found under the Wish tab in the menu, or from the Wish symbol at the top right of the game screen. Once you’re on the Wish screen, click the third banner from the left with weapon icons on it.

Screenshot via GameTips.PRO

Genshin Impact’s Limited Weapon Event Wishes have a feature called Epitomized Path. You can find it by clicking the circular icon with 0/2 beneath it at the bottom left of the Wish screen. Basically, this system allows you to select the limited weapon you want to work towards on the banner. If you select Elegy for the End and your first two 5-Star weapons are not it, your third will always be Elegy for the End.

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