Many items and weapons are littering the map in Naraka: Bladepoint and these are key to achieving victory. Also scattered around the map are items that the player can interact with but cannot pick up and take with them.

These environmental items can be interacted with and will apply a boost. They will not appear on the map so you must have a keen eye to spot them because it is easy to miss them. One of these items is dandelions. The best place to look for them is near water but they can also be found in grassy areas.

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This soft white puffy plant is capable of rendering the player’s movements completely silent, except for the grappling hook. This means that you can move through the map without fear of an enemy hearing you. You can also use this to get the drop on your enemies.

Another benefit of the dandelion is that it makes looting safer. While you explore towns and forests, your footsteps make noise. Just be careful when sprinting as breaking boxes, pots, and doors will still make a noise. It will render you silent for 120 seconds and you can tell when the effect ends as during the duration dandelions will float about your character.

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