Genshin Impact has many resources for the player to find. These various uses include crafting, cooking, and more. One ingredient that players can find is carrots. You might be wondering where to get carrots in Genshin Impact.

There are two main ways to get carrots in Genshin Impact. You can find carrots growing wild or in gardens. They are most common in Mondstadt in various NPCs’ gardens. Simply go up and harvest them when you see them! The other method to get carrots in Genshin Impact is to buy them.

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Where to buy carrots in Genshin Impact

There is only one vendor that sells carrots in Genshin Impact. This is Chef Mao. This NPC can be found at Liyue Harbor. He has ten carrots in his inventory, and they cost 260 Mora. His stock will replenish every three days. If you want to keep a steady supply of carrots, buy them from Chef Mao and check back when his stock replenishes.

Carrots are typically used for cooking recipes but can also craft red dye. This can, in turn, be used to craft other recipes. Carrot recipes are pretty good, so you should grab these orange treats whenever you see them!

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