To get bones in Breakwaters, you will need to find and kill wild boars or animals such as chickens. Both types of animals will drop bones upon death. Pick these bones up, and you will be able to use them for whatever crafting recipe that requires them.

That said, how where can we find boars and chickens? In short, both animal types have a chance to spawn on the various islands in the game. But in our experience playing the game, we found them mostly on the larger islands.

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Because of this, we recommend searching larger islands before others if you plan on farming bones for certain crafting recipes. But what exactly can you even make out of bones in Breakwater?

Well, there’s not much you can do with it. The reason is that it’s mainly just used to craft bone armor, which serves as decent early game gear. 

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Beyond bone armor, nothing else in the game requires bones, so we don’t recommend saving too many bones in your limited storage.

Just keep around 10 to 20 bones at a time if you find a new recipe that requires bones or if you want to make another set of bone armor. 

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