The Crackshot Quadcrasher can be found outside the Crackshot cabin South of the Logjam Lumberyard Lake and at the Gas Station to the West of Logjam Lumberyard. Two Crackshot Quadcrashers are parked in the front of the cabin, facing the East on the map. Four Quadcrashers are located at the gas station and can be seen attached to sleighs.

Additionally, two of the Quadcrashers are outside the gas station’s front door and the other two can be found behind the gas pumps near the back of the gas station.

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The locations of the Crackshot Quadcrashers can be seen below.

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The Quadcrashers can be found outside the Gas Station to the West of Logjam Lumberyard. The Gas Station also has Sgt. Winter’s Workshop inside it, which is a location that players must go to in the WinterFest quests. The Quadcrashers at the cabin and the gas station can be used to quickly move around the area and complete WinterFest quests.

One of the WinterFest quests is to travel 1000 meters in the Crackshot Quadcrasher, which awards XP and completes steps to unlock exclusive WinterFest items. Luckily, the Quadcrasher has a passenger seat in the back, so the quest can be completed along with a friend.

WinterFest in Fortnite is live until Jan. 6th and features quests, free presents, and the Cozy Lodge to visit. Completing seven of the WinterFest quests will unlock a Snowmando Board Glider and completing ten quests will unlock a Ffrosty Back Bling.

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