As part of the weekly or daily quests missions in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players are supposed to explore and locate one of the several alien UFOs spread across the map. They are not replicas but are actual rideable entities that a player can use to travel and reposition from chasing opponents. Currently, there are six UFOs parked at various corners of the map. So, if you are trying to locate a UFO to complete any one of your mission or want to ride one just for fun, you should start by visiting the outer edges of The Daily Bugle POI or look for other vehicles from the given landmarks.

UFO Spawn Locations in Fortnite – Chapter 3 Season 3

You can find a single UFO spaceship parked at the following location. Use the below image for a pictorial representation of the landmark.

Screenshot via
  1. On a small hilltop outside the Sleepy Sound landmark in the northwestern direction
  2. Near the edge of the pond to the south of the Logjam Lotus POI
  3. Outside the Daily Bugle POI near the coastline
  4. To the south of the Joneses landmark 
  5. On the northeastern edge of the Greasy Groove POI
  6. On a hill terrain outside the main Chonkers Speedway building.

Is the UFO spaceship drivable?

As mentioned earlier, they are drivable and fly like a Choopa helicopter. Apart from flying and moving around, you can also use the spaceship to combat enemies using the default laser attached to the bottom of the aircraft. 

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