Lost Ark is an action-adventure MMO that features a nearly overwhelming amount of content for players to experience. This includes Hidden Stories. You can see these in your Adventure Tome on the right side of the menu. One of these Hidden Stories is the Tododo Song.

You might be wondering where to find and complete the Tododo Song in Lost Ark. This Hidden Story requires you to find and read four tombstones in Saland Hill. You have a time limit of 30 seconds to get from one to the other so you need to move quickly. You can see these locations below.

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If you have a mount or a speed-boosting item, you should use it to get from one location to the other. They are all roughly in the same area and spread out to the four corners. Start with location one and rotate counter-clockwise until you have collected all of them.

Some of them have groups of mobs nearby that can interrupt your reading of the tombstones. Dispatch these quickly or stun them to read them in peace as each moment counts. Alternatively, if you have a friend then you can have them defend you while you read.

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