When you awake in this little camp in Greak: Memories of Azur, you can find a quest called A Taste from Home from Riiam, the girl who nursed you back to health. Riiam can be found to the right of the cooking pot.

To complete this quest, you need to collect three Mushrooms, then return to Riiam, and she’ll teach you the recipe for a Mushroom Soup. Finding the three mushrooms is not that difficult. You must travel west of the Raven’s Road Camp to Velhora Waterfalls.

Remember to have a space free in your Inventory, or you will not be able to pick up the mushrooms.

Three Mushroom locations

First Mushroom

To find the first mushroom, jump over the three platforms, and continue left until you come to a broken bridge that you come double jump across. Instead of jumping across, fall down, and land on a platform below you with a blue mushroom. These are not the mushroom you need, but you can bounce on these you help you get back to the surface.

Use the right analog to look down, and you’ll see another platform to your right. Above you, to your right, you’ll see a mushroom with a yellow exclamation mark encased in a yellow circle, with an arrow pointing down. This is one of the mushrooms you need. Jump on the blue mushroom to reach it, then press B or E to pick it up.

Second Mushroom

The second mushroom is to the east of the first one. From where you collected the first mushroom, double jump onto the platform to your right, jump on the blue mushroom and continue right.

Keep going right, across a body of water, and you’ll enter a cave. Underneath a wind chime is the location of the second mushroom.

Third Mushroom

The third mushroom location is to the west of where you found your first mushroom. Navigate back to the blue mushroom underneath the broken wooden bridge, and double up to the platform to the left.

Jump down to the platform below, and take out the slime monster that’s there. To your left, you’ll see a blue mushroom surrounded by thorns. You need to jump on that mushroom and bounce up to the area on your left, and that is where the third and final mushroom is located.

Now go back to where Riiam is located and interact with the cooking pot. Select and add in the three mushrooms from your inventory that will be automatically be opened by pressing A or Enter. Wait by the pot a moment while it cooks, and not long later, you can pick up your new food item by press B or E on keyboard, and the quest will have been completed.

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