Thornmato can be found in the Astra and Navia areas in Tower of Fantasy. This fruit looks like a thorny version of regular tomato, so you won’t have a problem identifying it. Thornmatoes are just one of many plants that grow in Aesperia, and you can use them for eating and, more importantly, cooking. There are not many places where this plant grows, but they’re all located in the same area.

All Thornmato locations in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Thornmato location map
Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

Reference the Thornmato icons above to find all the Thornmatoes in the Astra and Navia areas in Aesperia.

How to get Thornmato in Tower of Fantasy

You’ll find thornmato stalks near mountains shrubbery in Astra and nearby trees in Navia. As this is an upgraded version of real-life tomato, it looks a little bit diffrent, but it’s still red and easy to spot. Each stalk has several fruits, so always check if you’ve picked all of them.

What to do with Thornmato in Tower of Fantasy

To start, you can eat thornmatoes as many as you like. Thornmato will regenerate one satiety. It also restores hit points immediately. But why eat it raw when it’s much more effective to use it for meals, as you’ll get more bonuses? To cook it, use a cooking robot and recipes for meals. You can also try to create a new meal by yourself.

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