New World’s Winter Convergence Festival is here, and with it come many winter and holiday-themed quests. Players will undoubtedly want to participate in these quests, but they will need to find the Winter Wanderer to do so. You might be wondering where the Winter Wanderer is located in New World.

To find the Winter Wanderer in New World during the Winter Convergence Festival, you must go to one of the Winter Villages. There are four to be found on Aeternum. They are located in the Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood regions. Look below for the exact locations.

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Image via Amazon Games & NewWorldMap

You want to find the Winter Wanderer to accept and begin the Winter Convergence Festival quests. This Yeti is both quest giver and vendor. There is also a gift bag players can interact with to get free goodies.

You only need to go to one of the Winter Villages for the Winter Convergence Festival quests, but you can collect your free goodies from the gift bag in each village. So, to maximize your free rewards, travel to each one!

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