In The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt, you have to retrieve a Unique Weapon from a non-functional Power Station. Here’s a guide to help you complete the quest and unlock The True Loyalist Unique Shotgun in Far Cry 6.

The Truest Yaran Treasure Location

  • Province – Valle De Oro
  • Region – Noventarmas
the truest yaran location

The Treasure Hunt can be found at the Gran Finca Power Station. Head inside the facility from the tunnel next to the water pool. in front of the building. Climb a few ladders and open the hatch. You’re in now.

How to complete The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt

  • You have to turn on the lights in order to proceed. But they will not be working.
  • Clear the blockages in the pipes to start the power supply.
  • Climb down the ladder below the deck.
  • You will see a pipe with blockage. It will be flashing and hence easy to spot.
  • Swim to it and melee to clear the pipe. Water will recede down a level.
  • Do the same for two more pipes. You will see them as the water level goes down.
  • The last pipe will be inside the turbine chamber.
  • Go back up and turn the power on by pulling down the lever.
  • A shutter will open granting you access to the main office.
  • Open the weapon chest to grab your treasure.

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The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt Rewards

the true loyalist unique shotgun in far cry 6
  • The True Loyalist Unique Shotgun
    • Attachment Mods
      • Blast Shells – Deals blast damage in an area. Greatly affective against vehicle and bulletproof windshields.
    • Mods
      • Fresh Clip – First shot after reloading deals improved damage.
      • Headshot Supremo – Headshot kills reward bonus Supremo charge.
  • 150 XP

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