Pokémon Legends: Arceus focuses a lot of its gameplay and progression on missions. Each mission requires the players to go to specific locations and complete tasks, such as speaking to NPCs, collecting resources, or catching Pokémon. Mission No. 6 in the mission log is titled Mushroom Cake Marketing, and it sends you on a quest to collect a Springy Mushroom.

Where to find the Springy Mushroom

Many players spend a lot of time looking for the Springy Mushroom in the wild, but it’s actually available right in Jubilife Village. You can purchase it from the Craft Shop for 200 PokéDollars.

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To get it, simply walk into the Craft Shop (represented on the Jubilife Village map with a white hammer icon) and open the purchase menu. Select the Springy Mushroom to buy it. When you confirm the purchase, it will be added to your inventory and the cost will be deducted from your balance.

Now that you have the Springy Mushroom, you can return to Morel and give it to him to complete the quest. Upon receiving it, Morel will reward you with a Mushroom Cake!

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