Lost Ark is an action RPG MMO that features numerous things for players to do. Exploration is a major aspect of Lost Ark. There are many secret and hidden areas for the player to find, and one thing that will help them is the Song of Resonance.

The Song of Resonance can be found on Peyto Island by speaking to Treasure Hunter Igran on the deck, which is the third floor. Peyto Island is found west of Anikka and north of Tortoyk. Here is how to get the Song of Resonance.

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How to get the Song of Resonance

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To get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark, you will need to purchase it from Treasure Hunter Igran for 16,500 Pirate Coins. Pirate Coins are a form of currency that is unlocked after you receive the Stronghold and sailing ability.

It will take some time to get enough Pirate Coins to purchase the Song of Resonance, so it will be some time before you can get it. However, this song will reveal secret areas that often contain collectibles needed to complete your Adventurer’s Tome and collections.

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