The Peat Block is an evolution item that’s needed to evolve Ursaring in Ursaluna—the Normal/Ground peat Pokémon. Ursaluna is an evolutionary line unique to the Hisui region.

To find the Peat Block, take Ursaluna for a ride around Crimson Mirelands and dig for it. Use the Treasure Detector to look for items around the area. Peat Blocks are a little uncommon, but it shouldn’t take you too long.

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If you’re looking to evolve Ursaring right after, know that you have to give it the Peat Block on a full moon. If it’s not a full moon, return to your camp and sleep (to night) again and again. You don’t have to check the sky; just open your satchel and see if Ursaring is ready to evolve.

Ursaring isn’t the only Pokémon that needs specific items to evolve. If you’re looking to evolve Scyther, for example, you will need to do this as well. Some Pokémon will even require you to use their signature move (like Stantler) multiple times.

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