Lost Ark is an action-adventure MMO that features an overwhelming amount of content for players to experience. One of these is the Hidden Story collectibles which can be hard to find. These are found on the right side of the Adventure Tome One of these Hidden Stories is The Origin of the Name.

You might be wondering where to find and complete The Origin of the Name in Lost Ark. You can find this on the continent Yudia in the Saland Hill area. Start at the Triport in the Nomad Camp. Take the southwestern exit and immediately go around the brazier and fence. Hug this wall and continue going until you see a dead tree. The Hidden Story is on the other side of the tree obscured.

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Interact with it to read the letter and complete The Origin of the Name collectible story. Finding all of these Hidden Stories is necessary to 100 percent the game, so you will need to seek them all out if you want to do this.

Hidden Stories give small bits of background story and lore. Some are related to events while others to certain NPCs. Seeking them out is a good way to increase your knowledge of Lost Ark’s world. Happy hunting!

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