The Name of the Black Rose Hidden Story is one of the spookiest Hidden stories found in Lost Ark. It is located in the Blackrose Chapel Area in East Luterra.

Where is The Name of the Black Rose Hidden Story?

Go to the center of the map, north of Styxia Village but south of the Church Graveyard. There will be a gate guarded by two grim-reaper NPCs called Heretic Gatekeepers. To their right is a bush in front of a statue. Investigate the bush that hides a tombstone. Below is the specific location. 

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This area resembles a graveyard, and it has a grim reaper vibe. When investigating the bush, a message will appear saying, “Feel the marks on the weathered tablet.” After that, the hidden story will be complete.

If you’re not able to get the investigation icon, walk up to the bush. Although the game suggests that the gravestone is what you’re searching for, you’re really just searching through a bush.

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