After speaking to a friend at least one time during Free Action in part five, they’ll tell you about an item they’re missing. Once you find and return them, you’ll get a huge boost in affinity. Here’s your guide to finding said items in Digimon Survive.

First off, don’t waste your time looking for them. After you’ve consumed all nine free actions, an event with a Gazimon thief automatically triggers. You will need to beat it before it escapes to retrieve all the missing items you know of. It’s a very easy battle. You’ll even be rewarded with a Mature Enlightenment Slab for your efforts.

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What’s more important is whose missing items you’re going to learn about during this particular Free Action. Remember: the reward is a huge rise in affinity. Talk to all the people you’d like to grind affinity for twice to learn about their missing item. You can learn up to four missing item concerns before the Gazimon event is triggered.

Affinity levels affect when your friends’ partners can digivolve into the next stage(s). Higher affinity can also more frequently trigger support bonuses and extra attacks. The amount of stat buff a Digimon gains is also affected by affinity. If you like the type of support a particular character can provide, be sure to grow close to them as much as you can.

Mid-chapter dialogues and Free Actions are your only opportunities to raise affinity levels. If you see a weird event that doesn’t trigger any dialogue during Free Action—it’s usually a sign that you can raise someone’s (or multiple someones’) affinity levels, if you’re patient enough to follow the event.

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