The MMO Lost Ark has a great deal of content for players to experience. One of these is to seek out Hidden Stories. These collectibles can be found in the Adventure Tome on the right side of this menu. One of these collectible stories is The Mirage.

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You might be wondering where to find and complete The Mirage in Lost Ark. It can be found on the continent Yudia in Ozhorn Hill. The path to get here requires you to walk across a series of thin beams. Simply follow these and you will come to a platform with a broken fence and some wooden beams on the ground. The Mirage Hidden Story is between the two against the wall.

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Interact with it to read the letter and complete The Mirage collectible story. Finding all of these Hidden Stories is necessary to 100 percent the game, so you will need to seek them all out if you want to do this.

Hidden Stories give small bits of background story and lore. This can be information about an NPC, the world, or an event that has already happened. Seeking them out is a good way to increase your knowledge of Lost Ark’s world. Happy hunting!

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