The Long Drop Treasure Hunt is a must to-do quest in Far Cry 6. Your objective is to grab the key to a weapon stash from the dam’s stream. It may seem scary at first, but is relatively easy.

The Long Drop Treasure Hunt Location

  • Province – El Este
  • Region – La Joya
the long drop treasure hunt location

The quest is located on the Santos Espinos Dam and is easily accessible. As soon as you reach the site, you’ll hear a guy crying for help. Unfortunately, you cannot save him as he will fall into the stream by the time you reach him.

How to complete The Long Drop Treasure Hunt

  • The fallen dam worker’s corpse is stuck on the dam. You have to retrieve the key to the locked room from him.
  • Attach grapple hook to the dam’s top.
  • Slowly lower yourself to the dead worker’s body.
  • You cannot grab the keycard while you’re hanging.
  • Detach the grapple and grab the key while you’re flowing down the stream. You have to time it right, else, keep pressing the interact button repeatedly.
  • Climb the ladder to reach the top of the dam and go to the weapon stash.
  • Grab the Unique Weapon blueprint.

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The Long Drop Rewards

excavation execution unique shotgun in far cry 6
  • Excavation Execution Unique Shotgun
    • Attachment Mods
      • Poison Shell – Deals poison damage over time. Could cause poisoned enemies to turn on each other.
      • Reflex Sight – Close-range optic.
    • Mods
      • Nimble Shooter – Improves move speed while aiming
      • High Ground – Improves weapon damage to enemies below you.
  • 150 XP

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