In Elden Ring, Paintings can sometimes be difficult to find. The “Homing InstinctPainting is one of the easier ones to track down and can be found in the game’s starting region of Limgrave. The exact location that players will need to travel to is the Artist’s Shack. This can be found by following the road north from the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace and then continuing straight as the road veers to the east. The Painting can be found inside, sitting on an easel.

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What do you do with Paintings in Elden Ring?

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Paintings in Elden Ring will act as scavenger hunts. Once a Painting is found, it will provide players with a clue to the location of a reward. Follow the Painting’s clues and picture to a specific point on the map and receive the reward at the end.

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Players will not be looking for the location in the Painting, but rather the location that the Painting itself was painted from. The clues can be difficult to follow sometimes, but the rewards are usually worth the trouble.

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