Genshin Impact’s Resonating Visions event runs from July 15, 2022, to August 24, 2022, and takes place alongside the Summertime Odyssey event in the Golden Apple Archipelago. You can collect up to 20 Phantasmal Conches for rewards, including Fischl’s Outfit at 16 Conches. Some of these Phantasmal Conches can be tough to find, as they’re locked behind puzzles, Mirages, and Hidden Exploration Objectives. Read on to find the location of a hard-to-find Conch in the Broken Isle.

Where to find the hidden Phantasmal Conch in Broken Isle in Genshin Impact

Before starting your search, you need to unlock The Islands’ Stirring Strings Waypoint by completing Xinyan’s Blazin’ Trails! World Quest. Once that’s done, head to Xinyan’s island north of the Broken Isle and interact with the drums to Change Mountain Style. Look to your left and make sure that you see a short mountain.

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Once that’s done, head to the area circled in the image above, where you’ll find an entrance to a cave. If you don’t see this entrance, then you might have accidentally switched to the tall mountain style, so simply head back to Xinyan’s island and make sure to switch to the short mountain.

Upon entering the cave, you’ll find a Pyro torch puzzle. Use a character who can apply Pyro, such as Amber, to light up all four torches in any order. Once that’s done, the Pyro Monument at the center will unlock. Light it up to force the water level to decrease.

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You need to solve another Pyro torch puzzle to completely remove the water. The four torches are a little harder to find:

  • From the first puzzle, look left, and you’ll find a Pyro torch beside a Common Chest.
  • Swim to the other side to find a Pyro torch beside the Pyro Monument.
  • Behind the Pyro Monument, cross the bridge but keep your eyes left to find the third Pyro torch.
  • At the end of the bridge, you’ll find a door. Enter the door to find the last Pyro torch.

Make sure to interact with the switch beside the last Pyro monument to open the gate beside it. This is important for another puzzle within the same room. Once that’s done, cross through the door to return to the previous area. The Pyro Monument will be unlocked, so light it up to completely remove the water.

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You’ll find a Phantasmal Conch on top of a lantern. Make sure to interact with it to count toward the Resonating Visions event. The Conch doubles up as a Quest Item called Misplaced Conch 2.

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