Du or Die is one of the very first missions of Far Cry 6. Your objective is to infiltrate an FND base, Fort Quito, and extract with the depleted Uranium stash. Here’s the step-by-guide to find the Fort Quito armory key.

There are several possible ways to infiltrate the fort. The best and most stealthy one is via the underwater cave. Before proceeding, use your camera to mark all the enemies for an effective approach.

Swim to the inside of Fort Quito and eliminate the guard present there. You will then find a locked cage which requires a key. The room holds a weapon chest with a Unique Pistol — The Autocrat. However, no key is required to enter the area.

You can enter after smashing the wooden board on the side of the cage—check here to know how. Proceed to the center of Fort Quito after climbing up the ladder. You will see a few soldiers guarding the armory.

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far cry 6 security system

Execute them stealthily and disable the security system i.e., alarm and security camera shown in the image above. Enemy reinforcements cannot be called now. Get rid of the rest of the guards. Finally, execute Captain Gabriel Alvarez to receive the key to the hold.

Open the locked armory and collect 250 Depleted Uranium resolver resources from the crate. Congratulations, you just completed your first major Far Cry 6 mission.

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