Evolution items return in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but they are not like you might remember. These items don’t follow the traditional formula, as Pokémon can no longer hold items, so they can evolve when trading. Instead, these items can be used on Pokémon whenever you find them to quicken the process.

The Dubious Disk is hard to locate, as you can only find them in two places. The first is inside the new Space-Time Distortions areas. Inside these distortions, you can find the Dubious Disk, Porygon2, and Porygon-Z, but alas, the latter is much rarer to find in here, but it is possible.

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The second place you can find the Dubious Disk is in the Trading Post shop at Jubilife Village, however, you need to acquire many Merit Points to purchase this item. Everything inside this shop is expensive, and the Dubious Disk costs 1400 Merit Points.

The quickest way to get Merit Points is by finding satchels as you explore the world. Just interact with one, and you’ll earn points instantly, so if you see one lying about, do not hesitate to interact with it.

After you have bought the Dubious Disk, drag it from the satchel onto your Porygon2, and it’ll evolve into a Porygon-Z!

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