There are three versions of the Chloranthy Ring that players can find in Dark Souls 2. The regular version can be found fairly early in the game and the plus 1 and plus 2 variants aren’t too far either. The increase to Stamina Recovery goes a long way, especially for players that Power Stance. This is where to find the Chloranthy Rings in Dark Souls 2.

Where To Find The Chloranthy Ring In Dark Souls 2

The regular version of the Chloranthy Ring can be found at the Forest of Fallen Giants. Players will need a Pharros’ Lockstone to access it. Warping to the Cardinal Tower bonfire, players can purchase one from the merchant before going outside and to the left to enter the room with the three large ballistae.

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Inside, a ladder leads down a dark room with a chest and a locked door. The Pharros’ Contraption on the wall can be used to reveal an illusory wall with two chests. The one on the right contains the Chloranthy Ring.

Where To Find Chloranthy Ring Plus One

The plus one variant of the Chloranthy Ring can be found in the Shaded Woods. Warping to the Ruined Fork Road bonfire, players go to the right into the fog. Hugging the right wall until it circles around to a small ramp with a chest at the end of it. Inside is the Chloranthy Ring plus one.

Where To Find Chloranthy Ring Plus Two

The Chloranthy Ring plus two variant is dropped by fighting the Executioner’s Chariot in New Game Plus. This can be done by using a Bonfire Ascetic at the Undead Purgatory bonfire, elevating the area to New Game Plus. The boss will respawn, and upon killing it, it will drop the Chloranthy Ring plus two.

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