As you progress and explore the varied locations in Stray, you will come across numerous NPCs, quests, items, and more. These combine in the cassette and cassette player, which are vital to continuing the story. This may leave you wondering where to find the cassette and cassette player in Stray.

To get the cassette from the Companions in the Residence, you must fulfill their request to destroy the three security cameras. You have to jump and stand on the cameras to break them off the wall. Simply head up to each floor and climb on the railing to jump to each camera. Once you have destroyed all three, return to the Companions and collect the cassette.

What to do with the cassette tape in Stray

Stray Cassette Player
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Once you have the cassette tape, you must find the cassette player. This is located in the clothes shop in the center of Midtown. Head into the fashion store and go to the back room. There you can find the cassette player in the corner of the room. Walk up to it and interact with it to insert the cassette tape.

This will cause the cassette player to turn on and start playing loud music. The clothes shop owner will head to the back and try to turn it off. Use this moment to grab the Neco Factory work jacket off the mannequin. This is an important story item that you must give to Blazer to sneak into the factory and steal the Atomic Battery.

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