Puzzles are a key gameplay mechanic to the Resident Evil franchise and this is no different in Resident Evil Village. Early in the game you will face a locked gate that cannot be opened with your knife or pistol. Instead, you must find the bolt cutters elsewhere in the Abandoned Village.

The bolt cutters can be picked up immediately after your first encounter with a lycan who will stop at nothing to eat your flesh. Dispatch the lycan with either your knife or your pistol, but remember to guard incoming attacks by holding L1 if the lycan gets to close.

If you use the pistol against the lycan, it’s best to wait for a clear shot on the monster’s head, who will dodge to make this more difficult. Remember, you’ll need as much ammo as possible throughout the game so it’s best to land those shots best you can. Move around to avoid the lycan rather than remaining stationary, if necessary.

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After you’ve handled the lycan, reenter the house you just escaped, through the giant hole in the wall. You will find the box cutters within the small storeroom where you pulled back the curtain to discover a former ally. The bolt cutters rest on a box, just below the hanging garlic.

With bolt cutters in hand, head to the locked gate to escape this section of the Abandoned Village. Of course, it never hurts to explore more of this area before leaving.

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