The Blade of Sealing is an unconventional yet quite useful artifact. It doesn’t provide a straight-up buff or effect as other artifacts do. Instead, by going to it under your artifacts list, you can toggle it on, causing all damage received AND dealt by you and your party to be set to 1.

This may not seem useful at all, but it has its uses. Namely, it allows you to grind up your skill use counts, practice your combos, and practice perfect evading/guarding, all without the need to watch your health or seek out a new practice partner each time yours breaks.

To find the Blade of Sealing, you’ll need to head to Adan Lake. This area isn’t required to go to for any main story quest, so unless you’ve been actively exploring, you may not have been there. You can get to Adan Lake from the Aqfotle Hills by the area transition closest to Niez.

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Adan Lake itself is a moderately sized area, but the location you’re headed for is easily located. The Blade of Sealing is right in the middle of the two circles on the bottom-left of the map. You can get there via the small path right below the pond.

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The enemies leading up to the Blade fo Sealing aren’t anything special, but before you can claim your prize from a red chest, you’ll need to fight a Creepzilla and two Tempestuous Masses. The Masses aren’t bad on their own but paired with the Creepzilla (a weaker version of the chameleon-like final boss of Menancia), they can be annoying. Pick them off first and focus on the big lizard itself to have an easier time.

Once the Creepzilla and pals are down, just open up the chest and claim your Blade of Sealing!

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