Where to find The Autocrat unique pistol in Far Cry 6?

When you are invading Fort Quito to find some depleted Uranium for Juan Cortez in the Du or Die story quest, you can find yourself a hidden Unique Weapon called The Autocraft.

The Autocrat is located in the underground cargo bay that is connected to the river from outside. You can either access it by swimming into the fort from the right-hand side or by finding the ladder leading down to this area, in the southwest corner of the fort.

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The weapon is locked behind a cage, and there is no way to open the cage door. But you can access it another way. If you go to the right side of the cage, you’ll notice a wooden board blocking entry. All you have to do is melee the board, and it’ll smash, allowing you to crouch and gain entry.

The Autocrat is in a big long red to the right as you enter on some metal shelving. Open the case and collect The Autocrat unique pistol.

  • The Autocrat
    • Improves aimded weapon damage
    • Improves body shot weapon damage

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