The Assistant Manager Keycard is vital for opening all previously locked doors in the Black Ant Lab, but obtaining such a card requires defeating a fairly tough enemy. You will need to brave the boss fight, however, if you want to complete the Black Ant Lab quest line. Here’s how you can do it.

How to find the Assistant Manager in Grounded

To find the Assistant Manager, you must first enter the Observation Chamber in the Black Ant Lab. In order to do this you’ll need to first unlock the glass window that’s blocking you from the observation chamber. In the room that you’re in, look for a button along the back by the cliff edge.

After you press the button, the window should reveal a sizable crack. Use a bomb to create a hole you can move through. For the boss fight to start you’ll need to use the console that is in the room, but know that once the fight starts you’ll be locked in the room with TAYZ.Ts and the Assistant Manager.

How to beat the Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager is a three phase fight. In all three phases the Assistant Manager will summon other fighters to assist them. Keep up your stamina and health and focus on both causing smashing damage and utilizing quicker weapons. Other than that, try to keep the amount of minions under control because they can become overwhelming in a short amount of time.

After you defeat the Assistant Manager they will drop the Key Card and you can claim their access ID as your own.

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