The first V Blood boss you need to fight is called the Alpha Wolf. The Alpha Wolf is a large abnormal wolf that tends to roam Farbane Woods in search of easy prey. Luckily, we tracked and found the Alpha Wolf in the following location marked below. We recommend starting there, as we managed to find him twice in this location. But if you do not see him when you go to this location in Farbane Woods, we recommend following the Alpha Wolf’s V Blood Trail. In short, the Alpha Wolf will most likely not be far from the location we marked. So if you follow the V Blood Trail, you should be able to find them fast.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

That said, when you find the Alpha Wolf, you should not have any problems fighting them unless you are under Gear Level. The Alpha Wolf is pretty easy to beat, but it will do more damage if you are under level, and the fight will be more challenging. We recommend raising your Gear Level to level 16 or above before fighting the Alpha Wolf, or you can get a few friends to help you. 

How to track the Alpha Wolf in V Rising

If you want to track the Alpha Wolf in V Rising, you need to make a Blood Altar. You can make a Blood Altar by pressing the B key when at your base. Pressing the B key will open the Build menu, allowing you to make a Blood Altar for 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence. After making and placing the Blood Altar, open it by pressing the F key. Afterward, you will be able to track the Alpha Wolf by selecting it, then clicking the Track Blood option shown below. Selecting Track Blood will then make a floating trail of blood appear, pointing you to the Alpha Wolf’s general location. 

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

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