For the time being, the hunt for Alien Artifacts seems to have replaced the hunt for XP Coins dropped every week in Fortnite. In this guide, we cover where to find all Alien Artifacts placed throughout the map this week. For previous weeks, go to our hub Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 All Alien Artifact Locations.


The map below shows you where you their exact position on the map. For more detailed directions, use the instructions below the map.

The Alien Artifact locations in Chapter 2 SEason 7 Week 3.


The directions below provide more precise information about where you’ll find each Alien Artifact this week.

  1. Coral Castle: The first artifact is inside the biggest building in the northern half of Coral Castle. The artifact is resting near the top of the building, floating above a narrow stone relic.
  2. Craggy Cliffs: The second artifact is at Craggy Cliffs. It is in the boathouse in the northeast corner of town that has three large boat doors facing the sea. The artifact is floating above a hanging boat.
  3. Boney Burbs: The third artifact can be seen from outside in Boney Burbs. It is in the building closest to the center of the area on a balcony.
  4. Slurpy Swamp: The last artifact is in the building in Slurpy Swamp that is attached to the largest building of the complex. It on the second floor, floating in a corner.

Be sure to check the Fortnite Homepage for next week’s Alien Artifact locations!

Video Guide

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