The Phaethon’s Syrtos World Quest ends with a cutscene where the spirits of the seven Sunchildren of Byakuyakoku fly in various directions. Speaking to all Sunchildren in any order will merit you the Wonders of the World Achievement called The Children of God Shall Dance.

Their exact locations are marked in the image below, along with a breakdown of where to find each of them. Before embarking on your journey to meet the seven Sunchildren, make sure that your daylight setting is set to Evernight.

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Surepio’s location is circled in the image above. Once you reach the edge of the cliff, glide down until you find a vertical entrance to the ruin to meet the Sunchild. Speak with him to complete this part.

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Risutaiosu is located near Surepio, but you may find it easier to locate him by flying toward the cliff and gliding down. Keep in mind that he’s located on the second floor of the ruin above, so simply climb up from the outer pillar if you mistakenly enter the lower floor. Don’t forget to interact with Risutaiosu.


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Upon gliding down to Isumenasu’s location, you’ll find that he’s trapped behind a barrier. To solve the puzzle, approach the Mooncrux behind the pillar. You’ll be bestowed the blessing of the Evernight, which is a blue aura that surrounds you. After, climb up the wall to the left of the Mooncrux and activate the day-night switching mechanism to change to Whitenight.

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This will allow you to cross the barrier. Once inside, approach the rubble to transfer the essence of the Mooncrux, and a triangular mechanism will appear. Attack it once so that the stone wall opens up, revealing a hidden room with an Exquisite Chest.

Once that’s done, go back to the day-night switch mechanism outside and change the daylight setting back to Evernight. You’ll be able to enter the room once again and speak with Isumenasu.


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Rikoru is located on the broken clearing slightly to the left and above Isumenasu. To reach this area, start from the top of the cliff and glide down. Don’t glide down too much, as Rikoru isn’t so far down the ruin. Once you spot him, make sure to speak with him.


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Piramumon’s location is as marked above. The entrance to her area doesn’t require you to glide down to the depths of Enkanomiya, so it should be easy to spot. Make sure to talk to her to complete this part of the objective.

Orupeusu and Ion

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From Piramumon’s location, head left and you’ll spot Orupeusu and Ion below, separated by a stone wall. Don’t forget to speak with each of them to complete the objective.

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