Genshin Impact frequently features new and unique enemies for players to challenge. Although it is from the same family of mechanical enemies, the Aeonblight Drake in Sumeru will surprise you with a variety of modes and resistances. Don’t expect it to be a pushover. If you need some help finding or fighting it, we’ve got you covered.

How to get to the Aeonblight Drake in Genshin Impact

Image by GameTips.PRO

Use the Waypoint on the northern cliffside nearby Devantaka Mountain. Turn around to enter the cave behind you. Once you enter the cave, turn to your right.

Image by GameTips.PRO

You’ll see a passage way just slightly above you. Go through that passage to the stage for your fight with the Aeonblight Drake.

How to defeat the Aeonblight Drake in Genshin Impact

The Aeonblight Drake has two stances: Grounded and Airborne. It will be able to switch between the two during the fight. It will also periodically expose its cores, a weak point that you can exploit by bringing a bow user with strong charged attacks such as Ganyu or Tighnari. When it is charging a strong attack on the ground, its eye will glow orange. When airborne, the joints where its wings connect to its back will also glow. Hit these weak points with charged attacks to shut the monster down.

The Aeonblight Drake can also increase it’s resistance to the element dealing the most damage to it. If you bring a team with multiple elements, you will be able to avoid some of this damage reduction.

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