Genshin Impact’s Sumeru is a land full of flowers like Lotuses, Padisarahs, and Viparyas, to name a few. The Sumeru Rose is another flower that thankfully doesn’t require you to be an experienced Forest Watcher, like Tighnari, to find. If you’re still having difficulty, read on for some help finding this violet beauty.

Where you can find a Sumeru Rose in Genshin Impact

Image via HoYoverse’s Teyvat Interactive Map

Nearly anywhere you go in Sumeru, you can find a Sumeru Rose. The biggest thing to understand is, just as Tighnari says (in a rather roundabout way,) the Sumeru Rose isn’t actually a traditional rose. It’s a purple flower from a completely different classification, so don’t let it fool you. It’s also important to note the one place you won’t find this flower is inside Sumeru City.

There are also a few Aranara scattered through Sumeru who will give you this flower as a reward for helping them.

What is a Sumeru Rose used for in Genshin Impact?

Lots of things. The Sumeru Rose is an ingredient used in both crafting and cooking recipes. It’s needed for Dendro potions, Sugardew bait, and dishes including the Lambad Fish Roll, and Padisarah Pudding.

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