To find Stone Golems in Valheim, you will need to search the Moutain Biome on the tallest peaks and the more mountainous areas. 

Around these points, you can find Stone Golems as large piles of rock that will attack you when you approach them – see the image above for what to look for.

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You can also find Stone Golems commonly around abandon huts and keeps in the Moutain biome, but before you make the trip to the mountain biome, make the following preparations.

  • Craft warm clothes such as a wolf or lox cape
  • Make plenty of frost mead; it will protect you from frost attacks from drakes and the cold if you don’t have a wolf or lox cape.
  • Bring good armor such as a full iron set to protect from stone golems and ice drakes. 

Once you have done everything listed above, you will be ready to face the dangers Stone Golems pose to you. However, before departing, make sure to have at least an iron mace or something similar with a strong shield. 

You will need both to fight Stone Golems, which the key is to parry and quickly strike to stagger them, and after you stagger the Stone golem, close in for the kill by hitting fast with your Iron mace. 

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