Lost Ark is an action-adventure MMO that features a nearly overwhelming amount of content for players to experience. One of these is the Hidden Story collectibles which can be difficult to find. You can see these in your Adventure Tome on the right side of the menu. One of these Hidden Stories is Solar Salt Candy.

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You might be wondering where to find and complete Solar Salt Candy in Lost Ark. This one is split into three locations in Yudia. There is a time limit marked buff given to you once you start this Hidden Story so move quickly. You can find the three locations below.

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Location 1

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The first location can be found in Saland Hill. Start from the Nomad Camp and head northwest towards Ozhorn Hill. About halfway you will see a rock outcropping with crystals and a dead tree. The collectible is between the tree and the crystal. A group of Salt Desert Mera Snakes spawn next to it.

Location 2

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This one is found inside the Nomad Camp. Head to the top-right corner of the camp. You will see two tables and a chair. The collectible is found next to the chair.

Location 3

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This one is also located within the Nomad Camp. Go to the bottom of the camp and look between the Gear Merchant Armin and the Cook Hella. You should see a weapon rack. The collectible is next to it.

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