There are numerous activities to enjoy in Tower of Fantasy’s open world. You can explore the various regions, collect resources, and much more. But those looking for a challenge will want to battle bosses. This includes Lady Lucia, the Crown region’s world boss. This may leave you wondering where to find Lady Lucia in Tower of Fantasy.

Sobek location in Navia Bay South in Tower of Fantasy

To find Sobek’s position in Tower of Fantasy, you will first need to unlock the Crown region through the main story or on your own. Once you have this unlocked, you can head to the Fiendish Swamp, where Sobek is located. Sobek is level 40, making it quite a challenge for those who are not prepared. We recommend working with other players to defeat this world boss.

Where to find The Fiendish Swamp in Tower of Fantasy

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The Fiendish Swamp is located on the southern end of Crown near Goldrush Mountain. Drop to the bottom of the map in this area to find Sobek waiting in the water. This world boss is by itself, but this does not make it any less of a challenge.

We recommend getting together your friends or crew before fighting this boss. Alternatively, you can communicate in the chat to get several players together on a single channel.

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