In Lost Ark, you can find Snowpang Island south of Shushire and north of North Vern in the Ryan Current of the Sea of Gienah.

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Since it is an adventure island, it is only accessible at certain times and dates that appear on the Adventure Island schedule of Porycon’s Compass. To find out when you can complete the adventure island, you can go through your alarm settings and hover over Snowpang Island in the Adventure Island drop-down menu.

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Snowpang Island Guide

Snowpang Island has a PvP adventure quest that puts you and other island-goers into teams to battle against one another in a snowball fight. All you need to do is pick up a snowball and throw it at enemy players to earn points and rewards, including the chance to find the Snowpang Island Token.

  • First Place
    • Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch
    • Silver x6,000
  • Second Place
    • Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch
    • Silver x3,000

Breakdown of Snowpang Island

Besides the adventure quest, you can also expect to find:

  • 2 Mokoko Seeds
  • Snowpang Island Token

There are also five different quests that you can complete for a variety of different rewards:

  • Little Sister’s Wish
    • Silver x10,000
  • Sister, Have You Grown Up?
    • Silver x15,000
  • Sister, Are You a Snowman?
    • Offense Battle Item Random Chest
  • Help, Ice Spirit!
    • Gold x500
  • With the Power of Snowflakes
    • Red Snowperson Muffler or
    • Pink Snowperson Muffler or
    • Blue Snowperson Muffler
    • Kindness +1

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