Tower of Fantasy is an open-world title filled to the brim with things to do and collect. Many of the resources you collect are used in cooking recipes. Cooking allows you to regain health, Satiety, or stamina. Some ingredients can be found, but some are dropped by enemies like the Small Blueberry Jar. This may leave you wondering where to find ingredients such as Small Blueberry Jar in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Small Blueberry Jar in Tower of Fantasy

Small Blueberry Jar is found by defeating the enemies Heirs of Aida. It is a random mob drop, so it may take some time to get this ingredient. We recommend finding an area with a lot of these enemies and farming them to maximize how much Small Blueberry Jar you get.

What to do with Small Blueberry Jar in Tower of Fantasy

Small Blueberry Jar is an ingredient used in cooking recipes. While you will get the best results by cooking it, you can eat this ingredient raw. Small Blueberry Jar raw will provide 2 Satiety and 5% + 4,000 health. While this isn’t bad for a raw ingredient, it can be used in various recipes for greater benefits.

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