From living your life as a wanted criminal to vacationing across the world with your adopted family, the role play opportunities in Brookhaven are endless. Outside of these more traditional role play tropes, players with a love for scares can also create their own horror or suspense-based role plays, hence where the “Siren Head in Brookhaven” idea comes from. To learn more about Siren Head, and whether or not it can be found in Brookhaven, continue reading below.

Is Siren Head in Brookhaven?

Unfortunately, despite what many YouTube videos have led players to believe, Siren Head is not in Brookhaven; there is no way to find or summon it inside of the experience. All of the videos that you’ve likely seen online that claim to see Siren Head in Brookhaven are not real, they’re made for entertainment purposes and the creators use other players, add extra sound effects, and manipulate gameplay footage to create a fun ruse for their viewers.

If you’re interested in creating your own Siren Head role play, however, the summoning steps below are the ones that most YouTubers pretend to follow.

  1. Join a Brookhaven server and wait for it to be daytime
  2. Type ;SIRENHEAD; three times into the chat box to “activate” Siren Head
  3. Go to Brooks Diner and sit in the corner booth by the window for at least five minutes
  4. While you’re waiting at the booth, equip a food from your inventory and use the laughing + sit emotes to make it appear as if you’re eating
    • Siren Head will only come if it thinks that you’re oblivious to its presence
  5. After it’s been five minutes, leave the diner and go to the secret agency that’s hidden inside of the hospital
  6. Once inside the agency, sit down and listen for Siren Head’s cry
  7. When you hear it, press the blue button that’s hidden underneath the middle table
  8. Upon doing so, you should be teleported into the lake
  9. From the lake, head toward the campground and hide near its sign
    • After a bit of time you should see Siren Head appear in the distance
  10. Once you’ve spotted Siren Head, leave the campground and head to the cave by the car wash
  11. When the in-game clock hits 4pm, enter the cave and look for Siren Head
  12. After finding him, run to the abandoned barn and climb to its upper level
  13. On the upper level, walk to the window that overlooks the corner of Dogwood and Aspen
    • At 9pm in-game time, Siren Head will spawn at this corner and hide behind its street sign
  14. Once it appears, run back to your house or spawn a new one if you don’t have one already
  15. Wait in your house until 3am in-game time
  16. At 3am, Siren Head will appear outside of your window
    • Be careful! If you stare at Siren Head for too long, it will teleport you to its world!

What is Siren Head?

Siren Head is an urban legend created by Canadian illustrator Trevor Henderson that’s taken the internet by storm. This 40-foot-tall humanoid creature is said to patrol the woods and mountains in rural areas searching for prey to feed on. To lure in its prey, Siren Head outputs various sounds from its massive, rotating sirens including mimicked cries for help, radio static, music, tornado sirens, and more. As people in the area hear the sounds, they’re drawn to Siren Head’s location where it eventually eats them. For a taste of Siren Head, we’d recommend playing the Siren Head experience created by CaptainSpinxs.

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