It’s no secret that nearly everything in Rune Factory 5 is either too expensive or not available without an expansion from Studio Palmer. This is why it helps to craft your own weapons, tools, armors, accessories, and more. However, each item need specific materials to be made. A common one is Silver.

Here’s where to find some.

How to get Silver

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Silver can be mined from Silver Ore, which are first found on the Gadeus Grasslands. This is a dungeon located west of Rigbarth, near the Lake Yumina Entrance warp point. Some Bronze Ores in the area also contain Silver, though they’re rare.

If you have no access to this area yet, move the story forward. This should roughly be a few days after the events at Atohl’s End.

Silver can be used to make better farm tools and weapons than the ones you’ve created from Bronze. If the item is above level 20, it usually needs Silver. The Silver Ores respawn every few hours, though simply check once a day to avoid wasting time. You can mine more Silver from them the higher your Mining level is.

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