There are many resources in the multiplayer survival game Icarus. These resources and materials can be found worldwide and have various uses. One such resource is silica. You might be wondering where to find silica in Icarus.

You can find silica in Icarus on the surface. We have a majority of ours close to rock outcroppings and mountains. Keep a close eye out for this mineral, as it can be easy to think silica ore is just regular rock. Another place to find an abundance of silica is in the arctic. Be sure to bring a pickaxe to mine it.

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Silica may not seem like a useful resource at first, but it has many uses, one of which is incredibly important. You will need silica to craft a mortar and pestle, which will open up several other recipes.

You should be able to find a lot of silica simply by walking along the mountainside and searching by rock outcroppings. If you have the proper gear and attire, you can also brave the arctic region and its harsh cold.

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