In Lost Ark, you can find the Sacred Rituals of the Harvesters Hidden Story fairly easily. If you are over level 26, you should have no problem killing any nearby enemies once you are in East Luterra.

Where is the Sacred Rituals of the Harvesters Hidden Story?

You can find the World Harvest Base in the Sunbright Hill area of East Luterra. Visit the house located northwest of the World Harvest Base and inspect the table to receive the story. You can also find the location on the map below.

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The story describes the ritual and how the villages that will attack you on the way began. It would appear that there is more to the ritual than just putting any pumpkin on top of the altar.

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It seems the subjects of the process are willing participants, and this is their induction process into the Harvesters. There seems to be nothing special about the Harvesters besides their pumpkin heads. They go down pretty easily, regardless of how they look.

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