Roblox Adopt Me often updates their games with different seasons or holidays. This fall is no different, and the game is finally relishing in the fall atmosphere. But with the recently added fall world comes something sinister in the corner of the map. Where can you find this spooky location?

Adopt Me Fall Map Update

On October 14, 2021, Uplift Games updated the Adopt Me game to revamp the world to reflect the current season. They did this to prepare players for the upcoming Halloween event that will start on October 28. The map was mostly aesthetically changed with fall-colored trees and landscaping. One of the most interesting parts of the update, though, was the addition of a new and mysterious area of the map.

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How to Find the New Location

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Thankfully, this spooky new location is very easy to find. Launch the game and leave your home. After stepping out your front door, go into the main town and head towards the center. Once in the center of town, turn onto the bridge right beside the Pet Shop. The new location will be very easy to spot since it stands out with its black color amongst the fall-colored world.

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