In the Rising Tide Treasure Hunt, your objective is to solve a puzzle in order to unlock the secret room’s stash. The quest can be found in southern most part of Yara and grants you a special Unique Weapon as reward.

Here’s how to complete the quest and collect the Camo Quinceanera Unique Rifle in Far Cry 6.

Rising Tide Treasure Location

  • Province – El Este
  • Region – Sierra Perdida
rising tide treasure hunt location

The area is called Yarabi, a fishing village located South of the Robustas Hills. The place is by the shark infested sea, so beware. Enter the house with the secret room and you will see a series of switches. When pressed in order, they will unlock the stash room.

How to complete the Rising Tide Treasure Hunt

  • The order for the switches with leaders’ name written on plaques can be investigated. But we did the work for you if you don’t like to be a detective. Scroll down for the correct order.
  • If you want to do the work yourself, go under the house and you’ll se a note with the correct sequence.
  • Another way is to locate all five painted boats and take note of the number next to them.
  • Press the light switches in the order shown below:
    1. El Tigre del Mar
    2. Papi Chulo
    3. El Lucky
    4. Clarita
    5. Roja Victoria
  • The treasure is yours now, and the 150 XP of course.

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Camo Quinceanera Unique Rifle Features

camo quinceanera unique rifle
  • Attachment Mods
    • Soft Target Rounds – Deals heavy damage against unarmored targets.
    • Tactical Sight – 3x medium range optic.
    • Resolver Laser Pointer – Improves hip fire accuracy.
  • Mods
    • Gunslinger – Improves draw and holster speed.
    • Preloader – Improves speed of reloading a partially used mag.

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