JRPG Soul Hackers 2 sees your four heroes tackle a hoard of Demons as they battle through the main storyline. But the main character Ringo and her friends use Demons of their own in turn-based battles, summoning their power to use a large variety of attacks, debuffs, and heals. Better still, you can fuse these Demons to create even more powerful versions of your own design. One of the most popular Demons is Qing Long, the dragon. But where can you find Qing Long in Soul Hackers 2?

Qing Long locations in Soul Hackers 2

Qing Long is a level 14 Dragon Demon in Soul Hackers 2. The main location for Qing Long is the Central Line dungeon. After leaving East Shipping District and arriving in the main city, this abandoned underground railway is the second dungeon area you get to. It is advisable to be at least level 10 before you start to explore this area, which you can get to by first exploring the Axis to find out more about Arrow’s past.

If you’re lucky, after battling a few Qing Long mobs in the Central Line area, one of your Demon scouts will find one you can barter with to join your stable. Otherwise, you will have to get one through Fusion in the Cirque du Goumaden. You can fuse Qing Long by combining Cironnup (level six demon) with Mermaid (level 10). If so, you can choose the powers Qing Long inherits from them. Ringo must first be level 14 before you can use Fusion to create Qing Long.

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