Tower of Fantasy is an open-world title filled to the brim with things to do and collect. Many of the resources you collect are used in cooking recipes. Cooking allows you to regain health, Satiety, or stamina. You can find some ingredients like snow lotus, pinecones, and more just by exploring. This may leave you wondering where to find ingredients such as Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy.

All Poultry Meat locations in Tower of Fantasy

If you are looking for a specific resource, check out the interactive map for Tower of Fantasy. You can find Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy in the locations below.

South Aesperia

Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

How to get Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy

Poultry Meat is found by killing birds and collecting the meat they drop. Birds can be hard to spot, and they will fly away if you get close. This means you either need to take them out from range or quickly approach them and attack before they have a chance to escape.

What to do with Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy

Poultry Meat is an ingredient used in cooking recipes. While you will get the best results by cooking it, you can eat this ingredient raw. Eating Poultry Meat raw will provide 1 Satiety. This is not worth using raw and is better put toward a cooked meal to get more benefits.

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